A filmmaker with experience in both the commercial and artistic fields. I have an eye for detail and the steady hands to support it, whether it's as a videographer, editor, director or producer.

My documentary and narrative work explores ideas of belonging, family and the hidden history of landscape.

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From Soil and Saplings

Coming Soon

Directed by George Mitchinson
Cinematography by Antonio Alterio
Sound Design by Poria Kazemi
Sound Recording by Hamish Mithchinson

Starring: Jordan Taylor, Rory Carlisle and John Mitchinson.

Language: English

Johnnie is the son of a ruthless property developer; his family have decided to venture out of the city and build a luxury holiday resort in the middle of a sleepy English village.  Johnnie is sent on covert mission to assess the potential build sites. Usually his father would send one his his more trusted advisors, but he doesn’t want to raise suspicions too much and Johnnie has been pestering him for work, as he’s getting bored of his meaningless role in the company. What he discovers, is that the forest doesn’t want to be owned and can be cruel to those who don't know its ways.